MADO is a Turkish ice cream brand. It was found in 1850 by Yaşar Kanbur. The ice cream shop became a chain after 1991. It has more than 500 branches working as cafes and restaurants all over the world. The brand gets its name from two words: “Maraş” the former name of the city where the firm is originated, and “Dondurma” the Turkish name used for ice-cream.

Mado Dundorma

The latest Mado brand developed perfectly with smart and modern ideas. Mado always picks out unique designs and locations, where it adds value in a glamorous way to famous destinations in Kuwait.  


The experience of crepe and creme brulee together in a special way. We transferred this Londoners experience in a manner that targets the young segment, by adding some touches and with interesting show.


Virtual Café, the first of its kind and it mixes the past and the future in a specially designed package with a taste that combines the East and the West. The beginning was in merging the French latte with Arabic coffee and the result was an Arabic Latte